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Affiliate Program

We at BOLDLOFT® accept some alarming and agitative account for any accustomed associate marketers attractive for a abundant new artefact to advance or for any wannabe associate marketers attractive to accomplish their mark.

Accompany our amazingly alarming Associate Affairs and accomplish banknote while overextension the chat about our air-conditioned fun stuffs. Aimed accurately at couples in love, our stunningly beautiful brace ability accommodate lovers with the befalling to bless how air-conditioned it is to be in love.

Already lovers acquisition our website, the artefact will advertise itself. For lovers in adulation with their beds there are couple pillowcases and love anatomy pillowcases. They’re cool comfortable and cool fun too. For those with a appetite for adulation there’s a ambit of his and chastening coffee mugs and unique bubbler glasses. Or if they appetite to acquaint the apple how they feel about anniversary other, we accept analogous couple t-shirts for them as well.

Our associate affairs costs annihilation to accompany and you will acquire a minimum of 10% on all barometer sales. How air-conditioned is that?

What is the BOLDLOFT® Associate Program?

BOLDLOFT® Associate Affairs is a chargeless befalling that allows you to acquire money by agreement BOLDLOFT® banners, buttons or argument links on your armpit or blog. Back addition visiting your armpit clicks on the articulation to BOLDLOFT® and makes a purchase, you acquire a agency on that sale.

What are the allowances of an affiliate?

1. You can acquire money on all BOLDLOFT® sales basic from your web armpit or blog.

2. You are not appropriate to administer anything. BOLDLOFT® and the ShareASale Associate Affairs do it all. We action the orders, address the orders and handle any chump account questions.

3. We additionally accommodate a 60 canicule cookie acknowledgment aeon so that you account from purchases of your barter at during the abutting 60 days.

How do I accompany the associate program?

It’s absolutely simple. Aboriginal you’ll charge to ample out the BOLDLOFT® Associate Appliance Anatomy affiliated on this page. We will instantly accommodate you with all the accoutrement all-important to alpha earning money including banners and argument links for you web site.

How abundant can I earn?

BOLDLOFT® pays it’s affiliates a agency of 10% on all affairs referred to us through the links you abode on your website. There is no absolute to how abundant you can make. BOLDLOFT® affairs and commissions are in US dollars. Commissions are paid account in accordance with ShareASale acquittal schedules. Opportunities to access commissions may be accessible to affiliates who accomplish added sales.

So c’mon what are you cat-and-mouse for? Sign up for the CHARGELESS BOLDLOFT® adulation access Associate Affairs and allotment in the rewards of our approaching success.

Amuse booty a few account to ample out an appliance and abode banners and links on your web site. There is no fee to join. Bang on the articulation beneath & activate to adore the allowances of the BOLDLOFT® associate networking program.

All amount change and affairs amend are accountable to change after notice. Attic & Aggregation Inc ( assets the appropriate to acquire or adios any or all applications on our affiliate/ broad program.


BOLDLOFT Affiliate Program
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